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August 12, 2009

2009 Tom Hess Instructional Clinic Tour

Mike will be joining Tom Hess, Zack Uidl, Randy Johnson, Paul Kleff and Nick Layton on a clinic tour in the Midwest and the East Coast. If you live in any of the cities below, come out to the FREE clinic, learn how to play guitar better and walk away with cool FREE gifts.

The dates are shown below. More information about the tour (exact times and locations) are on this page

Mike's Biography

Mike Philippov is a guitarist, instructor and composer, playing in the neo-classical and progressive styles.

He began playing guitar when he was 14 and has had 4 years of formal classical training at the Jacob's School of Music at Indiana University. He also studied virtuoso guitar playing and music composition with world renowned virtuoso Tom Hess (go here to read Mike's review of Tom Hess's online guitar lessons).

Mike's debut instrumental album "Reflections" was released in 2010. To hear samples of the music, visit this page.

Mike also co-authored several instructional products that have helped many guitar players from around the world to become better guitar players, such as: the guide to improving sweep picking technique, and a guide to faster progress on guitar.

His influences include: Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert, Vinnie Moore, John Petrucci, Michael Romeo, Rusty Cooley, Tom Hess, George Bellas, Vitalij Kuprij, Ennio Morricone, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Fryderyk Chopin, J.S. Bach, Antonio Vivaldi

To contact Mike with a lesson inquiry or with a question, e-mail him here.