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August 12, 2009

2009 Tom Hess Instructional Clinic Tour

Mike will be joining Tom Hess, Zack Uidl, Randy Johnson, Paul Kleff and Nick Layton on a clinic tour in the Midwest and the East Coast. If you live in any of the cities below, come out to the FREE clinic, learn how to play guitar better and walk away with cool FREE gifts.

The dates are shown below. More information about the tour (exact times and locations) are on this page


Tom Hess

Mike Philippov has entered the arena of the virtuoso guitarists. Killer tone, phrasing and vibrato compliment his killer chops and songwriting abilities. Mike is clearly one of the best guitarists I've ever had the privilege to teach and mentor. What once began as a student teacher relationship has evolved into several music and business partnerships. Listen for yourself, this guy is the real deal!
- Tom Hess

Theodore Ziras

...Mike, you are a great guitarist and instructor. The future is yours.

- Theodore Ziras

David "The Shred Demon" Shankle

Hail Mike, all your music sounds good bro, thanks for the top spot on your site... Shred my friend

George Bellas

I listened to your tracks and enjoyed them very much... Your playing sounds smooth and brimming with emotion. It is the melodic emotional aspect that I really enjoyed, being that it is one so very important element that seems quite lacking by many. The harmonic content in "Pensive" was nice and remained interesting to me for the duration of the piece. You sound quite talented and I send all good wishes your way.

Good luck with all that you do with your guitar playing and music.

- George Bellas


Mike Philippov is the most dedicated person I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. His self discipline has translated very well into the world of music; gaining great technical skill on the guitar in a very short time. Without a doubt, I know that Mike will be a very successful professional within the music industry. He's also been a great motivator for me, as I know I wouldn't be where I am today in the music world if it wasn't for him.
- Kole (Kyle Hicks)

Zack Uidl
Mike Philippov is one of the most dedicated and talented individuals that I have met in the industry. His incredible work ethic and motivation make him one of the best musicians to know and work with. And, his insane technique doesn't hurt at all either. I have been privileged to work with him in numerous situations whether they are clinics, workshops, or working on instructional material, etc. I am honored to have worked with Mike and am honored to have him as a good friend. Keep doing what you are doing Mike!
- Zack Uidl
Professional Guitarist, Studio/Session Musician Composer, and Instructor

Angel Zamora

Mike is a very committed person, musically and professionally. It's no easy to find a person like him who's always improving and working hard. He's obviously talented.

I have seen Mike perform in many aspects of music. I have seen him active in many projects and have even worked with him on some. From this I know that he his extremely reliable, proficient, and accurate with his knowledge and contributions to what ever he is involved in.
His playing reaches a level most guitarists never see the light off, and he only continues to achieve more. Mike Philippov is someone to keep an eye on. Blink and he'll be a hundred miles ahead!

Nick Layton

Mike Philippov is among the top rising players on the guitar scene today. He has great chops, a cool vibrato and an excellent sense of melody.
I've had the pleasure of working with Mike on various business projects and he has always proven to be a hard worker and positive influence on anything he does.

- Nick Layton

Tim Gibson

Mike Philippov has a tremendous work ethic and is no doubt dedicated to his craft. These two qualities will help him accomplish great things in his music career.
- Tim Gibson

Dave Cardwell

Mike is a fantastically expressive guitarist with some serious chops. If you haven't witnessed Mike's effortless ability on the electric guitar, you're in for a shock. However, don't get the idea that Mike is your average neo-classical player recycling the same clichés from 20 years ago at maximum speed. Mike has a highly developed sense of melody and an innate understanding of the dynamics that are possible with the electric guitar. This combined with his extensive knowledge of harmony makes a powerfully unique and expressive combination.

- Dave Cardwell

Joel Wanasek

Mike, your playing rocks bro! Great combination of licks and phrasing. It is a pleasure knowing you.


Mike is without a doubt one of the biggest up and coming virtuoso guitarists!! He plays with incredible vibrato and melody..and his music is very passionate. I have been privileged enough to work with him, and I can definitely say that he is a rare find in his sense of dedication and commitment.

- Ysrafel

Jonathan Vipond

Mike truly is a dazzling guitar player. His command over the instrument is flawless and his subtlety and musical sensibility truly make him a formidable artist. In addition, Mike's contribution to the projects I have worked with him on have proved to me that he is a reliable and effective team player and a good friend.

- Jonathan Vipond

Paul Tauterouff

Mike Philippov is a phenomenal musician and one of the most dedicated and hard-working people I have ever known. I wish that I had even half of the talent and drive he has now when I was his age. He is a total monster player! I have absolutely no doubt that he will be a household name very soon!

- Paul Tauterouff - Professional Musician/Teacher

Mike and Zack,

I just wanted to let you know that last Thursday the 9th, I ordered your e-book "The Ultimate Sweep Picker's Guide" and it is a great addition to my music study portfolio. In clear, concise language it explains the esoteric realm of advanced playing in bites that are easily chewed and digested. It was a great birthday present to receive, courtesy of my wonderful wife.

It is in-depth for sure but it doesn't bog or cloud your thinking. It paints a real picture on a technique that has been shrouded in mystery and is to be believed something held only for pros. Sure, it isn't easy and you must apply yourself and be dedicated and patient. But, it does prove if you are given the tools and the great instruction, you can achieve as well.

Everyone wants their french fries hot and now. For me, it's refreshing to plant the seed and nurture the potato. The e-book proves this and I am enjoying and digging this new breath of air.

Thank you both for sharing your knowledge, wisdom and words! I most appreciate it!

Thank you and have a great day!

- Tim Pratt
Buyer, Jayco Service Parts

George Engelbrecht

I have invested in the Ultimate Sweep Pickers Guide and that has brought me great results because it is set out in such a user friendly format which is easy to understand for any person looking to improve or to master their Sweep Picking

- George Engelbrecht