Tom Hess Guitar Lessons Review

I’ve been studying guitar with Tom Hess in online guitar lessons since 2004. When I started lessons, my guitar playing was at an intermediate level and I wanted to become a more advanced musician and composer. After years of taking guitar lessons, I’ve reached all of my goals as a guitar player and as my appreciation to Tom I was inspired to write this Tom Hess review:

Tom’s guitar lessons have helped me to improve all aspects of my guitar technique and musicianship that I wanted and more: my lead guitar playing has gotten a lot cleaner, faster and more accurate. I can now improvise guitar solos that I’ve very happy with and I’ve written and released an entire album worth of my own music. Most importantly, I finally feel like a true musician now and I can play guitar better now than I ever imagined was possible for me when I started playing.

The amount of support I received as a student in Tom Hess’ online guitar lessons has been great. Tom is very patient and encouraging and has always helped me through problems in my guitar playing. The guitar lessons themselves always seemed targeted directly towards what I needed to learn next to push my musical skills to the next level.

Another cool thing was the ability to send Tom recordings of my guitar playing and get real feedback on my progress as I advanced in the lessons.

Bottom line, I am very happy to have studied guitar with Tom and I hope that this Tom Hess review is helpful to anyone looking for online guitar lessons.